FactSage - Thermochemical Software for Windows

FactSage is one of the largest fully integrated database computing systems in chemical thermodynamics in the world. It runs on a PC operating under Microsoft Windows.

It was introduced in 2001 and is the fusion of the FACT-Win/F*A*C*T and ChemSage/SOLGASMIX thermochemical packages. FactSage is the result of over 20 years of collaborative efforts between Thermfact/CRCT (Montreal, Canada) and GTT-Technologies (Aachen, Germany).

With FactSage you can calculate the conditions for multiphase, multicomponent equilibria in a wide range of materials systems.

For example, calculation can be made of many different types of phase diagram section; matte/metal/slag/gas/solid equilibria; multi-component predominance and EpH diagrams; the course of equilibrium or non-equilibrium solidification; complex heat balances; etc. Results can be presented using a wide variety of tabular and graphical output modes. FactSage has several hundred industrial, governmental and academic users in materials science, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, corrosion, glass technology, combustion, ceramics, geology, etc. It is used internationally in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research.

A demonstration version, called FactSage Education, is available to download for free. It is ideally suited for teaching thermochemistry in universities.

The Thermochemistry library for your software

ChemApp is a programmer's library for thermochemistry, which allows the user to carry out a variety of calculations to simulate different process stages. It is a development of GTT Technologies, Herzogenrath, Germany. The software has been applied to a wide variety of problems, e.g. the sinter process for Fe-ores, the heat treatment of alloys, the cooling of waste gases, impurity and temperature distribution in a steel ladle, etc.

ChemApp is based on the local equilibrium concept that uses input streams of defined composition, temperature and pressure to obtain an equilibrium state for which either temperature and pressure or appropriate extensive property balances, e.g. enthalpy (heat), are given. From the equilibrium output, streams are generated which can be used in further process steps.

Combining ChemApp with a programming GUI

SimuSage constitutes a tool for use by engineers with programming knowledge rather than full programmers. It is based on the concept of combining ChemApp with a general programming environment operated via a graphical user interface.

SimuSage, which is in further development at GTT, is a ChemApp-based set of Delphi components for linked reactor simulation tasks. It has already been used for various projects at SMS Demag and at the Institute for Process Technology, RWTH Aachen University.

Multi-phase thermodynamic calculations in an Excel spreadsheet

ChemSheet is a novel software tool to perform thermochemical calculations directly from Excel-worksheets. Both multi-phase systems and processes with streams can be calculated, while the ChemSheet software allows both reaction kinetics and heat transfer to be taken into account with the RATEMIX-algorithm. An extensive range of non-ideal solution models can be used, in particular those interesting for material scientists, inorganic chemists as well as for pyro- and hydrometallurgists.

Rotart Kiln simulation program

KilnSimu is a standalone software that can be used for thermodynamic modelling rotary drum furnaces. While it relies on the calculation routines of ChemApp, it is user-friendly and specialized to one specific application.